User Interface Assembly
Plastic Extruded Trim
Flame Barriers (Hot Wire Ignition)
LED Lighting Diffuser Films
Sealed Systems – Air Diverters
Heat Shielding & Bonding
Mirror & White Reflective Films
Inline Diffuser Assembly
Flame Barrier Insulation
Sonic Welding
Wheel Weight Tapes
Electric Vehicle Battery Insulation
Acoustical Insulation Door Panels
Spoiler & Emblem Bonding
Mirror PVC Foam Gaskets & Bonding Tapes
Acoustical Insulation Headliner
Shaped by Purpose

We are TSG Resolute

We are TSG Resolute. We are committed to the success of our customers, which insures our growth and success! TSG Resolute is the leading provider to the major OEM marketplaces for a wide range of products that includes gaskets, thermal insulation, acoustical insulation, electrical insulators, thermal management materials, bonding tapes, die cut plastics, adhesive lamination, profile extrusions, and metal-fabricated parts.TSG Resolute partners with industry leaders for our raw materials. We are a 3M Preferred Converter.We specialize in the die cutting, conversion, and laminating of polymeric materials and pressure sensitive adhesives. In addition, we manufacture rigid plastic profile extrusions, and provide metal stamping at our two facilities in Georgia. We service all major markets including the EV (Electric Vehicle), lighting, appliance, automotive, construction, and electronics markets.

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