TSG Resolute offers premium die cutting services utilizing the most up-to-date technology, allowing for the production of a wide variety of products made from an extensive list of materials.

Plastic Extrusions

Our extruders are automated and computerized, featuring advanced technology for careful and efficient work along a moving extrusion line. TSG Resolute’s equipment allows for high-volume manufacturing while processing a variety of materials.

Metal Fabrication

TSG Resolute is a full-service metal fabrication facility specializing in small- to medium-volume metal fabrication opportunities. We handle application in house, saving our customers time and money in the process.

Robotic Assembly

It uses robots for folding parts, hole removal, and pick-in-place operations. It has in-house capability to program our robots and to build all downstream tooling to support the implementation of new parts and programs, a system that is costly for many die cutters to implement. Utilizing robotic assembly technique and technology allows for a process that is inexpensive to implement and that can provide cost savings to the OEM.